Genre Short Film Festival

Film genres are credited not only for the diversity and hybridization of modern film, but they are an inexhaustible treasure trove for enriching film art with new and unique films. In the last century, hundreds of festivals dedicated exclusively to the genre film have been established in the world, so we notice the need to join the domestic film scene to these world trends.

European Film Festival “Cinedays“ recognized the need to promote high quality genre films in the country, so the genre short film festival “Kraceri“ started the collaboration to screen its selection at the “Youth Cultural Center“, as a part of the 21st edition of “Cinedays“, July 7-14, 2022.

Genre Short Film Festival “Kraceri’ will promote all film genres that are in short supply on the domestic film scene. This means that the genres of this film festival will be: comedy, science fiction, thriller, horror, noir, western, action, dance, experimental and engaging film. The screenings will take place in the evening and will be free for visitors.

The purpose of the genre short film festival “Kraceri” is to promote the genre film, which is not represented at all on other film festivals in our country and requires additional affirmation of the genre film, so the Association for film and film education “KRACERI” considers it necessary to make additional efforts to expose the genre film to the domestic audience, which will have a unique opportunity to see exceptional film achievements, which will not have the opportunity to see at other film festivals.

The Association for Film and Film Education “KRACERI” is composed of professional film critics with decades of experience and knowledge of the film industry, which guarantee the quality of the selected films. The program with the selected films will be announced soon.