“Eichmann in Jerusalem” – from the reviews

„Eichmann in Jerusalem, directed by the Slovene Jernej Lorenci who clearly understands the need to address the issue of banality of evil and its presence in every man, and has talked about it in the interviews preceding the opening night, comes at a moment when practically whole Europe questions its anti-fascist roots, and the Croatia’s revisionist attitude towards its historical legacy, particularly towards the legacy of the Ustasa state, has reached its peak.“
Dragan Markovina, Telegram
„Jernej Lorenci’s socially engaged Eichmann in Jerusalem is more than a theatre production: it has brought the memory of the hell of the Holocaust and the message of love on the Croatian public scene, and that is of primary importance in today’s milieu in which the Ustasa greeting and the Jasenovac concentration camp are systematically relativized.“
Nina Ožegović, Tportal
„Eichmann in Jerusalem is a documentary-like theatrical reconstruction of the architecture of evil. With the filigree precision it analyses the authentic testimonies of the process of dehumanization and extermination of millions of Jews, and exposes the current right-wing rhetoric across Europe as the one that led to the Holocaust!“
Gea Vlahović, Tportal
„The cast is brilliant without an exception, with Mia Melcher a shade more memorable than the others. The actress, who was born in 1986 when the aged war criminal Artuković was on trial, points out her youth and insists on non-empathy. Her emphasizing that she has nothing to do with the story actually deepens the impact of the theatrical play.“
Snježana Pavić, Volim kazalište
„Deeply moved by what they are saying, the actors shake us as well. But this show is not about the banality of evil, about Eichmann, about ordinary people who side with the evil. This show is about the consequences of such evil. About what happens when evil prevails. And the horror that results from that evil, the horror that is unimaginable in normal circumstances, can be only retold and only symbolically presented, as has been done in this show with artistry and efficiency. (…) Make sure you don’t miss it!“
Tomislav Čadež, Jutarnji list
„Director Jernej Lorenci has made a theatre production with a small but brilliantly chosen team of actors (I must single out the commitment of Pjer Meničanin and Dado Ćosić) who go very deep in examining of their own histories and ethical positions within the context of past and present fascism. (…) Lorenci successfully shows how much better actors who learn and research are than their colleagues who just follow their »impulses«.“
Nataša Govedić, Novi list