Cross štream – International music programme in co-operation with our friends from Kino Šiška (Ljubljana). Online co-operation offers you one Macedonian and one Slovenian band.

The cooperation has already started with the past two stream events, which featured Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra & Охоло!, also YÖU and Dezurni krivci.

The programme and info about Slovenian bands:

Thursday, 28. 5.
21:00 štream x KAPA Records: NINA BULATOVIX
22:15 cross štream x mk1 skopje: Rib Live

Nina Bulatovix is a contact mine and cry of disaffection in one, it is blathering, gesticulating, rolling one’s eyes, a dusty drum machine; a violation in the field, a dividing line, the simplicity of a reverse pass; punk!; it is a bass and drums and vocals in one – far from uncontrolled spasms, it is rather chess with the black pieces. It is the answer to a certain striving, a certain friendship, a certain period in time, a certain way of thinking, a certain struggle, a certain life. It is whatever. For something. For someone. For us. Nina Bulatovix are announcing their third album Zob za zob with a new shot of musical rebellion.

Tuesday, 2. 6.
21:00 štream x Kataman: N’TOKO
22:15 cross štream x mk1 skopje: Druggy x s.a.m.

N’toko is one of those artists whose music and lyrics seem tailor-made for the extraordinary times we’re living in. From the industrial wizardry of Blaž’s production on his most recent album Emirates to the pointed and utopian class analysis of his Slovenian lyrics, N’toko’s live opus takes us through all the absurdity, anger and hope of our quarantined age.

Tuesday, 9. 6.
21:00 štream x you have no choice: Кукла & Balans
22:15 cross štream x mk1 skopje: Blackstate

КУКЛА is a self-proclaimed Slavic gangsta geisha pop artist.
Singing mostly about weapons and love, КУКЛА is constantly fighting battles within herself and with the outer world.
Her pop sound captures the current gender non conforming youth of the West, while still maintaining a special Slavic introspection and fatalism. There’s a clear stylistic resemblance to Milosevic era Serbian female singers and a nod to R&B goddesses of the Bush era America.
On the stage she lets her guards down, enriches her distinctive sound with dazzling visuals and puts her heart on the plate.
Bon apetit! Welcome to the КУКЛА experience.

Noise pop, improvisational kraut and ethereal darkwave merge in psychedelic lo-fi balance. The perfectly chaotic focus of the Ljubljana-based art duo is maintained by Kristin Čona and Andrej Pervanje. Their experimental audio-visual experience plays with the hypnotic rhythm of guitars, a retro matrix and provocative singing about the banality of everyday life, often pierced by resounding cries and sharp whistling. Their unconventional musical exploration can be found on four albums. The most recent two, “bunkerpop” (2017) and “kva je s tabo” (2018), released by Slovenian DIY label ŠOP Records, along with touring as part of the Radio Študent Klubski Maraton concert cycle, have made Balans one of the more prominent representatives of the local underground scene.

Thursday, 11. 6.
21:00 štream x, ksw: The Canyon Observer
22:15 cross štream x mk1 skopje: My Tear

Their music has a lot of hidden groove and the heavily-obscured vocals make the lyrics entirely inaudible, stripping the voice of meaning and transforming it into another instrument in the wall of sound.

Tuesday, 16. 6.
21:00 Štream: Pijammies
22:15 cross štream: Darkness Remix

Pijammies are easily one of the sweetest discoveries in Slovenian music of the last couple of years. This freethinking, far-reaching and most of all utterly energetic music collective strives for stylistic openness and free expression. They play a blend of jazz, funk and fusion as much in the vein of the legendary Weather Report as their contemporaries Snarky Puppy. The band’s classical and jazz training is mirrored in their smooth compositions, fresh approach and notably their steadfast drive to explore. Captivated by their eclecticism and rhythmic tightness, you have no choice but to stare in awe or get down on the dancefloor.