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Space weaver is a psychedelic rock band from Sofia, formed in 2021 by four young guys whose common interest is psychedelia and loud riffs. Together, Nikolai Marinov (guitar, vocals), Teodor Dimitrov (guitar), Simeon Bayatov (bass) and Mihail Angelov (drums) draw a sonic landscape with a bright, dreamy character and a dose of prog, heralding a serious riff attack on the sensory senses, which pull in the depths of the abyss. The main goal of the band is to weave a web of spacey grooves, flirting with slow and heavy rhythms, completely taking us into supersonic vibrations.

Space weavers are part of the Liveurope program of MKC.

Domestic support: Through order.
Next up are a rock band from Skopje formed in 2021. Consisting of 4 members, Nikola Stoimenov (bass), Hristijan Tasevski (guitar), Gorazd Mitrevski (drums) and Antoni Anev (vocals). None of the members know how they got into this band, and their biggest frustration is that the ‘amplifiers’ don’t go up to 11. The band’s performance is in collaboration with the Cultivator association.

  • LIVEUROPE is the first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European artists. LIVEUROPE is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.