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Sitzpinker @ ZDRAVO MLADI 12

Sitzpinker is a four-piece band from Belgrade, Serbia. Members are Dunja Mijačić (vocals, synth), Danilo Ilić (guitar), Pavle Trifunović (guitar, bass) and Andrej Mladenović (drums). The debut EP “Podlo poštovanje” (Despicable Respect) was recorded in 2018. As one of the bands from the HaliGali collective they performed at the HG festivals and appeared on their influential compilation in 2019 with the single “Metanoja”, together with Vizelj, KOIKOI, Gazorpazorp, Šajzerbiterlemon, Proto Tip.

In the meantime, they played everywhere across Serbia – the biggest performances so far were concerts at Arsenal and Beer Fest. With the singles “Da li”, “Sudan” and “Mustang”, Sitzpinker announced their first album in collaboration with Pop Depression/Kišobran collective and along the way hinted a new sonic direction in which the band is moving. All three singles became regional hits and the euphoric videos further boosted huge expectations from the band in the coming period. Sitzpinker’s music is the sound of New Belgrade, indie garage rock with hints of shoegaze and psychedelia. Expect their debut album in the second half of 2022.

Media says: Remember this band.
Critics say: It’s obvious the band wants to do what they love, with constant emphasis on freedom of choice.

You have the perfect choice. 

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