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Sara Renar, Possibility OF Island, Lastdodobird

Performances by Possibility OF Island and Lastdodobird are part of the Liveurope program

Sara Renar is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Zagreb and belongs to the group of the most recognized musical names of the new generation in the region. Behind her are five discographic releases. The album “Children” in 2014 was nominated for the Porin Award for Best Debut Album.

In the last five years, Sara has performed around 250 concerts throughout the region and Europe, performing at all major regional festivals and concert venues.

Apart from the original music, he also collaborates on theater projects of the Montazastroj group and the Skroz art collective. Collaborates with world famous DJs, writers and poets, works on music for multimedia projects.

She has won various European awards, including the EU project to support young musicians.


Possibility Of Island is a solo project by Ljubomir Brashenkov, multi-instrumentalist and composer in several important Sofia underground bands from the last decade, such as “Osil Amuk”, “Spoobs”, “AS”, “XeToFon”, Saturated Pixels and others. In 2019, Possibility Of Island’s first album “Reflected” was released with experimental instrumental music – with ambient and trip-hop direction. They have also released a second album, with electroacoustic theatrical music by Samuel Beckett, and the latest (third) album “Theory Of Flight” (2021) focuses on collaborating with various vocalists from other similar projects in Bulgaria and Germany.

Lastdodobird is a new music project by Angel Dodov, known in the past as the bassist and vocalist of the Darkway trio “Under the Rain”, which later continued in the solo project “Next Rain Hood”. Together with Ljubomir Brashenkov in the last 10 years they have collaborated in the bands “XeToFon” and Saturated Pixels, with which they have performed with foreign guests such as Soviet Soviet, Neon Lies and Monozid at festivals such as Alarma Punk Jazz, Impossible Fest and others. Lastdodobird’s debut album with electronic and synth-wave compositions is expected this fall.

In Skopje, Ljubomir Brashenkov, who was often a guest in some way in the projects of Angel Dodov, and Angel Dodov, who was also a frequent guest of Ljubomir Brashenkov in his projects, will perform for the first time a joint program of Possibility Of Island & lastdodobird with material and live arrangements, prepared exclusively for this performance. LivEurope’s participation in MKC is in cooperation with the concert series Alarma Punk Jazz (Sofia).

  • LIVEUROPE is the first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European artists. LIVEUROPE is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.