ZDRAVO MLADI turns 10!


We spent 9 summers together listening to the most current names on the progressive music scene, and for this jubilee tenth edition of ZDRAVO MLADI we have: Danish legends on the indie-rock scene – Efterklang, fresh psychedelia from Istanbul – Lalalar, our very own Funk Shui, PMG Kolektiv and the man without whom we could not imagine the festival, the Irishman – DJ Fitz! Young Macedonian artist Sali Ertunc will present a solo exhibition at the festival named “The 25th Picture – The Unheard, the Unseen and the Unspoken”

The tenth edition of the festival of new music – ZDRAVO MLADI is scheduled for August 27, in the park of YCC. Tickets at a price of 500 denars are available online through bileti.mkc.mk

The festival will be held under special safety and health measures, defined in the protocol for organization of public events: https://vlada.mk/protokoli-koronavirus (no.33)

The festival is supported by the EU Delegation in Skopje.

About the artists::

Efterklang is a Danish indie rock band from Copenhagen, formed in December 2000. The band consists of the 3 childhood friends Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg. Efterklang released their 5th album – ‘Altid Sammen‘ via British label 4AD on September 20th 2019. Check out the album track “Vi er uendelig,” which arrives with a new video directed by Andreas Koefoed.
Marking the group’s return seven years after their last studio release – a period of transition, of high adventures and creative questing – Efterklang’s fifth album Altid Sammen is their finest yet. Bold and ambitious, yet engaging on a primal and emotional level, the album is steeped in the experimentation that has been their trademark since their debut album.
The end result of all these journeys, all these experiments, is the best music of Efterklang’s career. It’s not a “reunion” album, because the members’ union was never sundered, no matter what The Last Concert might have suggested. But Altid Sammen is the work of a different band and of different men.

Istanbul’sLalalar remind you of your favorite 80’s cult show theme, and simultaneously sound like a delightful dumpster dive of spaghetti western-psychedelics, Anatolian funk, sampling and hazy electronics. The one constant: Lalalar is the type of band you want to move to with abandon. The title of scorching debut single ‘Isyanlar’ translates to ‘rebellions’, and that’s more or less the gist of how this bunch operates on stage.

Funk Shui’s establishment on the Macedonian scene is achieved primarily through their two studio albums “Ether” (2012) and “R.E.M” (2015), and also through the numerous singles released in the last 10 years. Funk Shui has provided numerous collaborations with domestic artists, including Chista Okolina, Ljubojna, Pluto’s Doubts and others, as well as foreign artists such as Buč Kesidi from Serbia and Samanthamaya from Slovenia. The single “Meteori”, which is an announcement for the new album, was shared at the end of May and already at the beginning of June it climbed the music charts, becoming at the same time a song of the week on the Croatian influential portal muzika.hr.

PMG-Kolektiv is one of the most valuable bands on our scene, which is currently working on the 9th album in a row, and there are about 30 behind еditions. One of the few bands in our country that can have a one hour set with megahits – killers, not fillers … This is exactly what PMG-Kolektiv announces for their first appearance at ZDRAVO MLADI! We are following them from the very beginning. We witnessed their first performance on one of the Taksirat evenings at YCC in 2005. Crowded B2 at the promotion of the first, cult “Resonator”, then promotions in Castro, club concerts, all the way to the big scenes at all established Macedonian festivals… We watched the band go through its various stages and sets, as it grew and matured, and we consider that this lineup – the trio Popov, Eftimov and Gavrovski – is what’s actually the core of PMG Kolektiv. Simple, honest and clean, with great excitement and impatience we can’t wait for this inseparable trio to play on August 27 in the YCC Park on the jubilee tenth edition of the festival. They will present part of the new material, but they will also honor us with their timeless hits – Skopjanka, Manekenki ,80ti / 90ti, Ti si mojot svet, Control…


“The 25th Picture – The Unheard, the Unseen and the Unspoken” – Exhibition by Sali Ertunc
Young Macedonian artist Sali Ertunc will present a solo exhibition at the festival. Regarding the idea and motive of the exhibition, he says:
“The banned 25th film is a famous experiment by James Vicary. With his “experiment” he managed, subconsciously, to insert emotions in moviegoers, and the 25th image was mostly a food ad industry. This experiment was later banned due to its great potential for manipulating viewers, and except as a horror theme in movies, the 25thimage was no longer used… Or so we believe. Today, years later after the famous experiment, we encounter different situations every day, which we tolerate / ignore, so this phenomenon becomes the “new normal” of modern society. A crying child is calmed by the parent with the helpt of a mobile device – TOLERATED! Apathy for youth politics – TOLERATED! Unnecessarily forced excitement for capitalist purposes aka HYPE – TOLERATED! These are our “25th picture” in real life with whose help civilization is led in a new / old, right / wrong direction, and evolution continues. With a series of drawings, pictures, graphics and several installations, the forbidden / the artist’s message, like James V.’s forbidden experiment, will be exposed to the public in order to emphasize intolerance.”

Sali Ertunc web

DJ Fitz Surely you did not think that this edition of ZDRAVO MLADI would pass without him ?! The master of the unpredictable, intergalactic mega king, the one and only – DJ Fitz.
All the hits – all the time


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