• stage: YCC, Club Restaurant

Ratatrak (MKD)

Directed by: Dejan Spasovic

Duration: 105’
Language: Macedonian

rakatrak fb

Cast: Biljana Dragicevic Projkovska, Slagjana Vujosevic, Nina Elsezer

Based on: Edvard Olby, Gjoko Zdraveski, Elizabeta Bakovska
Set designer:
Martin Manev
Costume designer:
Emilija Ivanoska Atanasovska

UnderWay is an interdisciplinary experimental project, uniting the activities of different areas of art (theatre, musical and visual arts, music, dance) and at the same time, it represents nfa interaction of artistic activities and other domains (gender policies).
Тhe three actresses are actually the same person coming from different periods of her life, and communicating with each other through music, dance and performance acts of food preparation. The actresses initiate a dialogue with the audience as well, and the audience also poses as a direct and active agent in the performance itself. The play additionally researches the membranes between life and art, between the performer and the audience and exhibitionism and voyeurism.
This project embodies all three aspects and brings them all to one table, establishing a dialogue, diving deep into their social, cultural and gender elements.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, UnderWay explores the margins and tangential points of life and the arts, as well as the cornerstone and layered role of women in them.

YCC, Club Restaurant