True West

  • stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Schtrich (MKD)

Directed by: Boris Vasileski

Duration: 90’

Language: Macedonian

Cast: Tomislav Davidovski, Marjan Naumov, Martin Manev, Tanja Kocoska

Author: Sam Shepard
Scenography and lighting design:
Martin Manev
Costume design: Simona Danoska
Executive producer: Ava Huseini
English translation: Mario Stojanoski
Music: Ivica Dimitrijevic, Jane Trajkovski
Poster design: Ana Jaceva

For the first time I our country, officially, the most produced play by the most awarded American author Sam Sheppard, “True West”. Have you ever caught yourself doing something that has been imposed on you by social trends, and you are focused on the image you are leaving of yourself in the eyes of the others? “True Wes”” portrays both extremes, when we really want to be a part of society, and isolate ourselves at the same time from the poorly organised world. The need to find our spot under the Sun doesn’t cease, and the pressure of “what have I done so far?” does not tone down.

Sam Shepard’s play “The True West” was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize back in 1983. As a part of this project the play was translated into Macedonian for the first time by Mario Stojanoski.

YCC, 25. May hall