Three Sisters and Natasha P.

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Art Media & NOB (MKD)

Director: Natasha Poplavska

Duration: 55’
Language: Macedonian

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Cast: Ana Stojanovska, Andrew Cook, Miroslav Mitrasinovic

Voices: Ognen Anastasovski, Zaklina Petrovska, Ana Stojanovska, Јаna Stojanovska, Natasha Poplavska

Director and playwright: Natasha Poplavska
Olga Pango
Design and video:
Emil Petrov
Ognen Anastasovski
Light design:
Milco Aleksandrov
Emil Petro, Medi Huditi

We are following the dramatic piece “Three Sisters” by Chekhov, focusing on the character of Natasha Prozorova, wife to Andrey Prozorov, the brother to three sisters: Olga, Masha and Irina. Having in mind that the play is titled “Three Sisters”, simple questions are being opened: why is Natasha’s character listed before the characters of Olga, Masha and Irina? If she is, indeed, the leading female character, what seems to be the reason for her appearance happening later in the text? Who does this “drama” really belong to? Does it belong to Andrey, Natasha, or does this “drama” belong to Olga, Masha and Irina? What kind of answers will we encounter? We have opened that problem of the drama through the prism of “the others”, or more precisely, Natasha, the character coming from another social milieu to the house of Prozorovi from Moscow.

This play was made just before the pandemic. After quarantine special: Chekhov with live music, Chekhov with “covidia dell’arte” masks, Chekhov at the Nishville Jazz Festival, FemArt Pristina, now at MOT theatre festival. Chekhov for Natasha P., by Natasha P.

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YCC, Skopje