The Glembays

  • stage: YCC, Frosina hall

Vojdan Cernodrinski – Prilep (MKD)

Directed by: Branko Brezovac

Duration: 90’
Language: Macedonian

Cast: Andon Jovanoski, Daniela Ivanoska, Zoran Ivanoski, Angela Naumoska, Dimitar Crcoroski, Isidor Jovanoski, Trajce Ivanoski, Igor Trpceski, Ana Mitoska Stojanoska

Author: Miroslav Krleza
Director, adaptation: Branko Brezovac
Composer: Nikola Micevski
Set designer: Ivana Knez
Costume designer: Suzana Brezovec
Light: Riste Grkovski, Boban Smislkoski
Sound: Tome Temelkoski
Dramaturgical assistant: Lidija Mitoska-Gjorgjieva
Assistant of the set designer and painting works: Pece Risteski 

Originally “The Glembays” talks about the failure of a great capitalist family, about how difficult it was to achieve such greatness, how cunning was its livelihood and how perverted its decay. From today’s perspective, when tycoons rule the entire transition region between the Baltic and Thessaloniki, the theme of this play seems key for the bold entry into the groove of theatrical contemporaneity and irrefutable popularity. The lack of moral grounds is the prerequisite and lever that holds up the Glembays’ treasures, however being cunning and senseless had been lesson number one in public schools and institutions for quite some time.
“The Glembays” are, of you will, a severe criticism of the newly created tycoon monstrosity, but the critic of such monstrosity cannot be found under any circumstance in the play. That forces us to admit that mess and the lack of clarity are, the so-called, foundations of our liberation of and before the problem.

There is no salvation in the nation, no morality, no religiosity, salvation, conscience. There is a blur in us and by acknowledging that blur, we establish a more sustainable world of unbearable sensuality and forced humanity.

stage: YCC, Frosina hall