The Cherry Orchard

  • stage: Theatre Comedy

Turkish Theatre, Skopje (MKD)

Directed by: Vladimir Milcin

Duration: 135’
Language: Turkish with Macedonian subtitles

Cast: Bedija Begovska, Emine Halil, Nesrin Tair, Eljesa Kaso, Dzenap Samet, Selpin Kerim, Neat Ali, Suzan Akbelge, Osman Ali, Slagjana Vujosevic, Ziba Radoncic, Hakan Daci, Erman Saban

Author: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Set designer:
Krste S. Dzidrov
Costume designer: Marija Pupucevska

“The Cherry Orchard” nowadays represents a play about transition, the unbearable lightness of societal and civilisational decay.
The greed of newly rich criminals ruthlessly destroys humanity,  wrecking its crib, Mother Earth, and demolishing nature with all living things in it. What is shocking is the powerlessness of people to stand up for culture and nature, to defend the values of civilisation before these newly created barbarians. Progress is not guaranteed. The wheel if history has reached the revolution of the proletariat, but this only gave birth to a new layer of manipulators whose greed knows no limits. “The Cherry Orchard” is a stage miniature in the most wonderful sense of that word. Its chamber dimensions contain the tragedy of the world we are living in.
Vladimir Milcin, director

A play about the uselessness and futility of the aristocracy in the effort to preserve its status, but also a play about the bourgeoisie in the effort to give meaning to its newly discovered materialism reduced to greed and barbarism. Published in 1903, it describes the situation today with the utmost precision.

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