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Skopje Dance Theater (MKD)

a three part show

Duration: 50’

Part One
„Interworld (BEAUTIFUL WOMEN)“ – Duet
Choreographer, Director: Risima Risimkin
Music: Toni Kitanovski
Costumes: Blagoj Micevski
Stage design: Matea Mijanovic
Acting: Sara Dimovska, Dejan Bitrovski

Part Two
Choreographer and director: Risima Risimkin
Music: Vladimir Trpcevski, Dragan Teodosiev
Costumes: Blagoj Micevski
Dancers of the Skopje Dance Theater perform

Part three
Choreography: Dejan Bitrovski
Music: Viktor Filipovski, Toni Kitanovski
Video: Vladislav Gavrilovski
Dancers: Skopje Dance Theater
Poster design: Elena Uzunovski

– “My people’s beautiful women
they bloomed quickly
like peach blossom
like the lilac in May”
B. Koneski

Who are you fooling? It has been a year since I have started dancing near the abyss. I have no intention of slowing down. Salutation!

Skopje Dance Theater, the first official contemporary dance company in our country, founded and led by choreographer Risima Risimkin in 2011, celebrates 10 years since its founding. The company continuously works on the creation, promotion and presentation of contemporary dance art in our country, as well as its placement on the world dance scene.

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