Šiška via MKC: Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra

We are starting an online music program – Šiška via MKC in cooperation with our friends from Ljubljana, you can follow us and Kino Šiška on facebook / youtube / zoom where the concerts will take place.

Tune in: May 21 (Thursday)
8 pm – Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra
9 pm – Oholo!

Svetlost is a music collective founded in 2014. Svetlost is a flexible ensemble, which the basic trio Novkovski / Omeragic / Spirovski uses as a platform for cooperation with several musicians from different profiles. The music of this band changes depending on the people involved in a specific project – it is usually informed by stylistic directions such as free jazz, post-rock, electro-acoustic music, minimalism and ambient music. This incarnation, called Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra, includes the most important jazz musicians of several generations, who have over 30 albums and 1000 concert performances with groups such as Sethstat, Palindrom, The Local Blue, Fighting Windmills, SD4, Shock Troopers, Aeon Arcanum, GLASNOM, Yordan Kostov Ensemble Modern, Avadarxi Quartet, La Colonie Volvox, etc. which within the compositions of Novkovski / Omeragic / Spirovski find fertile ground for sound interaction, which blurs the boundaries of formal and free.

In September 2019, in collaboration with the publisher PMG Jazz, they released their debut LP “Odron Ritual Orchestra” which is on several relevant lists for the best jazz albums for 2019.

Ninoslav Spirovski (clarinet / soprano saxophone / tenor saxophone)
Petar Hristov (soprano saxophone)
Ivan Trajanoski (alt saxophone / baritone saxophone)
Vasko Bojadziski (tenor saxophone)
Bisera Bazer (Trombone)
Konstantin Hadzi Kocev (piano)
Pance Bujukliev (arturia microbrute)
Kristijan Novkovski (drums / percussion)
Dragan Teodosiev (drums / percussion)
Deni Omeragic (double bass)

štream x Jazz Cerkno: OHOLO!

Oholo! is a large band, a collective, a septet that creates at the intersection of improvised and composed music.
It’s jazz with an exclamation mark, as Mario Batelić wrote in his liner notes: ˝There is something unusual and slightly unsettling about the name of this band (which roughly translates as ‘proud’, ‘arrogant’, perhaps even ‘boastful’), sealed as it is by an exclamation mark that demands your undivided attention. It hints at the unconventional and the audacious. It’s a name that, let’s be honest, makes us think more of a rackety punk band than a group of some of the country’s most prominent representatives of jazz, improvisation and experimental music.˝

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