• stage: YCC, Frosina hall

Firstborn girl (MKD)

Author: Angela Stojanovska

Duration: 60’
Language: Macedonian

Performer: Angela Stojanovska

Creative collaborators: Milos B. Andonovski (Director), Eva Kamcevska (Playwright)
Photographer: Sonja Stavrova

This is the last farewell I bid the shame I feel from my body, the food, the life in this country. The shame I had been nursing for a long time, which sometimes does not even belong to me and comes from the actions of others. This is my acceptance, gratitude and separation from shame. It is time for shame to go to someone else.
* Platform for performing arts of the Festival for Feminist Culture and Action FIRSTBORN GIRL – REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES

The platform activities are related to the program of the Women for Women project #wowprogram and the project PeachPrich. The activities are intended to contribute to advancing public interest in gender issues and greater presence of women in the public sphere.

YCC, Frosina hall