READING, DREAMING, CREATING is a project designed as a series of creative workshops where children will develop imagination and creative thinking by reading stories, various creative games, logical puzzles, thematic tasks and specific creation of works in different art techniques. Children will also develop logical skills through logical and creative games, listen to stories and then learn orally and visually to create their own stories, and thus get excellent preparation for creative writing. Children will draw, paint, make collages and other works in a variety of art techniques, and thus visualize their ideas.

Each class will be different from the previous ones, a different creative game will be played and it will be created on a different topic, and the children will be able to easily get involved in any of the workshops.

Target group: Children from 6 to 9 years old


Project Duration: First six months: March / May 2020; Second six months: September-November 2020;
Frequency: 1 class per week (90 minutes)
Location: Children’s Creative Center – YCC

– Reading books for children, stories, songs in Macedonian language, developing imagination and creating works of art based on the read story (illustrations, collages)
– Playing logical and creative games that will result in a final product – written story and / or artwork
– Playing games of imagination and creative thinking
– Creating stories and songs and visualizing their stories with works of art in several techniques
– Creating short dramatic texts, making props, with the result of performing each of the texts with the made props
Project goals / effects:
– Develop imagination and creative thinking- Develop love for the book and the written word- Improving and developing language skills, artistic skills, speech, syntax, visual perception- Improving and developing motor skills
– Development of logical abilities through creative games- Education and upbringing through play
– Develop empathy and a sense of ethics
– Encouraging team spirit, mutual help and socializing with the children-participants in the project

At the end of each of the six months, an exhibition of works created during the workshops will be organized at the Children’s Creative Center in YCC. The exhibition will feature all works of art, as well as notebooks with written stories and illustrations.

Every Tuesday from 6 p.m.

The target group is children from 6 to 9 years old, and each workshop would include an optimal number of 10-15 children.