Poiesis of self

  • stage: YCC, Frosina hall

Lokomotiva (MKD)

Authors: Snjezana Premus, Rok Vevar

Duration:: 60’
Language: English


Cast: Snjezana Premus, Rok Vevar

Production: Federacija Institute Ljubljana
Coproduction: Bunker, Ljubljana
Texts: Rok Vevar and Snjezana Premus
Photography: Marcandrea
Residency 2016: Tanzfabrik Berlin

In the frame of their work the artists have been researching and rethinking series of situations, in which the non-invasive activity of the audience and performers is subject to experiential possibilities of converting the body into language and vice versa in places where a body is always already a language, and a language is a resource of the body.
They use as a starting point the Greek word poíesis, which had been gradually migrating into the literary field, only to end up as a label for the art of poetry, signified handicraft in the classical era of Greek antiquity: a manufacturing that implied certain skill, dexterity, or technē.
One could argue that our modern daily life is subject to a suspension of the body, full of immunitary strategies, self-protections and anti-virus programs: our prosthesis of capitalism, roaming around the world through our biographies, has to be de-suspended, transformed – into body. Our percepts need to be reactivated. Sure, the poíesis of the self has no intention of saving the world, but it does not want to avoid its true problems.

Unconventional dance-theory event that experientially, informatively and metaphorically presents to the spectator the relationships between the body, space and the physical laws that govern both materialities.

Frosina hall