Pandora’s jar: Daughter’s legacy

  • stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Media Artes (MKD)

Directed by: Ryszard Nieoczym

Duration: 80’
Language: Macedonian

Cast: Jasmina Bilalovic

Author: Ryszard Nieoczym
Composer and music performer:
Zlatko Mitreski
Assistant director: Ivana Balabanova
Set Designer: Martin Manev, Simona Dimkovska
Costumes: Pavel Maslov

Written and directed by Ryszard Nieoczym(Canada), this play forms part of the cycle of plays by this author, under the same title “Ancient Mirrors/Contemporary Voices”.
The play is in two acts, of which the first represents the ancient voices, or the patriarchal heroic perspective of men, male gods and goddesses of ancient Greece regarding women and femininity, while the second one represents the contemporary voices of the inherited patriarchal heroic perspective of contemporary men and women, without the support of the myths dealing with ancient gods and goddesses and the fight for the liberation of the Feminine Voice that women have inherited. “Pandora’s Box: The Daughter’s Inheritance” raises current questions, like: who are the daughters of Pandora today, and what has changed over the past 30 centuries, from Hesiod’s time, regarding the role(s) of women and femininity in the western cultures and societies?

“Pandora’s Box: The Daughter’s Legacy” raises some of the current questions: Who are Pandora’s daughters today? What has changed in these 30 centuries since Hesiod, in the role of women and femininity in Western culture and society?

YCC, 25. May hall