My Husband

  • stage: Drama Theatre

Jugoslovensko dramsko pozoriste (SRB)

Directed by: Jovana Tomic

Duration: 105’
Language: Serbian with Macedonian subtitle

Cast: Sanja Markovic, Jovana Belovic

Author: Rumena Buzarovska
Dimitrije Kokanov
Set Designer:
Maja Mirkovic
Luka Mejdzor
Voice Coach:
Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic
Stage Manager:
Marko Ajvaz

Jovana Tomic builds a very clear, precise, and clean play throughout. This directing endeavor witnesses elements of Bergman and Woody Allen at the same time.
In this play the audience is a guest, and both women are hostesses. In every sense of the word. Housewives, as women have been marked in any dehumanized initial association, but also hostesses of an event that aims at laying out their problems. At times in a uniquely pirandellian way, the frameworks in which the actresses impersonate types of “women, mothers, queens” in the shabbiest form of this exceptionally destructive phrase are imposed, at the same time building a tower of passions, consternations and insinuations of the complex pulsating relationship between man and woman.

“In fact, chauvinists hate women, and feminists don’t hate men, they just do not want a patriarchy that treats them as second-class citizens.”

Rumena Buzarovska

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