My husband

  • stage: MNT

SNG, Ljubljana (SLO)

Directed by: Ivana Djilas

Duration: 105’
Language: Slovenian with Macedonian subtitle

Cast: Iva Babic, Silva Chushin, Masa Derganc, Petra Govc, Sabina Kogovsek, Sasha Pavchek, Barbara Zefren

Author: Rumena Buzarovska
Ana Dusha
Adapted by:
Ana Dusha, Ivana Djilas
Choreographer and assistant director:
Masha Kagao Knez
Ana Dusha
Language consultant: Klasja Kovacic
Set designer: Sara Slivnik
Costume designer:
Jelena Prokovic
Boshtjan Gombac
Light designer:
Mojca Sarjas
Assistant to director (student):
Nika Korenjak
Assistant to costume designer:
Katarina Shavs

I had been dreaming for a long time about a play with a large number of strong women. Actresses that I have known for a long time, not only on stage, but personally as well. I had been dreaming of an intimate project in which they will not be forced to be the heroine from the bottom of society, or any kind of warrior, for that matter. A play where women could essentially be anything but men: ugly, stupid, corrupted, passive, compromising, false, hurt, mean, judgmental, patriarchal, engaged, clever, brave, inferior, grotesque, possessive. These stories are like that too. They creep up on women during moments of intimacy, when no one is watching, as those moments are not worth mentioning. The moment when she is warming up the soup or putting on socks. The moment when she accepts compromise, calculates, agrees to stay in bad relationships, when she is not pretty, when she is not presentable.
I keep thinking that the equality between men and women will happen the moment we allow the same number of stupid women take up leader positions, as we allow men to do so.
Ivana Gjilas – director

Претстава за индивидуалноста на жените, наспроти реалноста, која полека нѐ унуштива сите нас како индивидуи и како со калап од нас прави копии послушни конзументи.