My Husband

  • stage: Drama Theatre

Drama Theatre (MKD)

Directed by: Nela Vitosevic

Duration: 150’
Language: Macedonian

Cast: Igor Angelov, Sanja Arsovska, Sara Klimoska, Ismet Sabanovic, Natalija Teodosieva, Filip Trajkovic, Emilija Micevska, Trajanka Ilieva-Veljic

Author: Rumena Buzarovska
Dramatization: Viktorija Rangelova-Petrovska, Nela Vitosevic
Playwright: Viktorija Rangelova-Petrovska
Costume designer: Roza Trajcevska-Ristoska
Scenographer: Konstantin Trpenoski
Assistant set designer: Monika Angelevska
Music selection: Nela Vitosevic
Sound technician: Saso Gjorgjiev
Light technician: Dejan Blazevski
Poster design: Borce Dimitrioski
Photographer: Kire Galevski

The dramatic structure of the play “My Husband” has been built of two intertwined types of material, and those are: the dramatization of six different stories and the documentary material stemming from the author’s monologues.
The approach which is feature-documentary in genre and the dramaturgical-directing concept has been omnipresent on the European theatre stage, but is a frail and rare example on the Macedonian theatre stage. The feature-documentary approach offers a completely new and different theatrical experience, which causes strong emotions and coming to terms with and from oneself, the self towards the other, and the other towards the self. This is a rare collective act which is not fundamentally sentimental or pathetic; it is, on the contrary deeply emphatic and human. The presence of theatrical spontaneity (in the actor and spectator) leads to liberation and it opens up space for a different theatrical perspective.

“My Husband” is a cathartic performance that takes the audience to a place where sometimes it is difficult to be – it brings us closer to ourselves – to the memories, fears, sincere emotions and thoughts from which we sometimes want to escape!

Srebra Gjorgjijevska

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