• stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Pik Production, Machina Production (MKD)

Directed by: Sibel Abdiu

Duration: 80’
Language: Macedonian

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Cast: Selpin Kerim, Dzenap Samet, Suzan Akbelge, Osman Ali, Din Ibrahim, Hakan Daci, Jetkin Sezair, Stefanija Nacevska, Andrej Tatarcevski

Author: Sibel Abdiu
Choreographer: Aleksandra Kocovska-Naceva
Producer: Slobodan Trajkoski
Visual artist: Ljuljzim Luigi Bejta
Composer: Lejla Bajrami
Set designer: Ujza Zuri
Costume designer: Dielza Minci
Trailer editing: Skofjan Bejta
Light design: Ljuljzim Luigi Bejta

“Modigliani” is a dramatic spectacle showing the two main aspects of the life of the famously talented painter Amedeo Modigliani; the spotless love story with Jean and his deadly rivalry with Picasso. Stuck in the inevitable and tragic fate, Modi manages to create the most noteworthy pieces of art of his generation, provoking deep jealousy within the great Picasso This play demonstrates the knot of fate that Modigliani finds himself in, without which he probably would not have been the great artist he is considered to be. On the one hand, the pressure of the authorities due to his ethnicity, and on the other, the pressure of Jean’s family, then the pressure coming from Picasso, all lead to the tragic death of this great artist, whose life represents a work of art in itself.

“Modigliani” is a play that shows the two main aspects of the life of the famous talented painter Amadeo Modigliani; impeccable love with Jean and mortal rivalry with Picasso.

YCC, 25. May hall