• stage: YCC, Frosina hall

Artopia (MKD)

Directed by: Jane Spasic

Duration: 85’
Language: Macedonian

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Cast: Nenad Mitevski, Elena Kuzmanov, Martin Jordanoski, Bojan Kirkovski, Simona Spirovska, Anastasija Anevska

Set designer: Martin Manev
Costume designer: Brankica Jordanovska
Light designer: Vladimir Dimoski
Composer: Darija Andovska
Designer: Mateja Nikolic
Marketing: Martina Petreska
Producer: Filip Nikolovski

A successful psychotherapist, with a specific mode of giving therapy consisting of changing the memories of his patients is slowly losing his own memories. In his attempt to preserve his memories, the play ventures into researching memories and their connection to theatre and life.
After the very first collaboration between Jane Spasic and “Artopia” for the play “Experiment”, this tandem dives once again into discovering the depths of memories (recollections and reminiscence), which is actually the main topic of interest in this author’s plays. Conversely to “Experiment, where the main focus was the relationship of the individual with their collective memories, the play “ Master of Memories” is an intimate journey and realisation of private memories in creating people’s identity. Why do some events remain as memories? Why do we forget others? Which ones do we suppress deep within ourselves, and which ones are pushing us into the abyss? Do we even exist without memories? What is the correlation between memories, life and theatre? Do we create the past or is the past just our mark that we are attempting to hide unsuccessfully?

After the first successful collaboration between Jane Spasic and “Artopia” on the play “Experiment”, this dynamic duo is once again immersed in the exploration of memory (memories and recollections), which is the main topic of interest in the author’s plays.

YCC, Frosina hall