Lonelly Plllanet

  • audience with physical presence

Atelje 212 (SRB)

Concept: Maja Pelevic, Dimitrije Kokanov, Olga Dimitrijevic, Tanja Sljivar, Igor Koruga

Duration: 60’
Language: Serbian


Cast: Maja Pelevic, Dimitrije Kokanov, Olga Dimitrijevic, Tanja Sljivar, Igor Koruga

Organizer: Jelena Fatic
Assistant Organizer:
Bosko Radonjic
Sound and video design: Dragan Stevanovic-Bagzi
Sound and video Engineer: Miroslav Petruljevic
Board Operator: Dragan Maslarevic
Technical Director:
Vojislav Butkovic
Master: Sasa Pivaljevic
Stagehand: Vuce Vucetic
Poster and program design:
Marija Jevtic
photo: Bojan Kosovic, Ana Mandic
Program translation: Jelena Labudovic
Special thanks to: Jovana Tomic, Jovana Gavrilovic, Ana Mandic, Jelena Ilic, Jelena Mijovic

Lonelly Plllanet is an immersive performance character that takes place in indoor and outdoor settings, in and around the theater building, intentionally avoiding the traditional stage space, that is, the stage at such. By collaging scripts of five authors and performers, which intertwine and permeate one another, artists take a properly distanced audience on a tour of a both sides of the coin of the utopia and dystopia of our (theatre) everyday life. Lonelly Plllanet is a slalom through the possible utopias and dystopias of our cities and our intimacies and it focuses on several of issues: How do we use public space to transform our individual questions and needs into social ones? How do we ponder the world before and after the threat that is here to stay in different, even more dangerous forms? How do we establish the most basic interactions with other people, objects, living beings while being in a position of absolute uncertainty about the kind of life that awaits us all? This performance reflects on the world of the first half of 2020, while at the same time, it tries to ponder the forms of theater that can take place in spite of the virus, and consequently, over the potential forms of togetherness in the future public space and spheres.

Theaters were the first to close their doors at the beginning of the epidemic. The world was unjust, wounded and unbearable ever before the epidemic. The cult Atelier 212 tries to turn this difficult situation into a complete opposite. After “Sterijino pozorje”, at the closing of МОТ. With an audience.

The number of visitors is limited to 20 people.

YCC, Skopje