Krapp’s Last Tape

  • stage: MNT, small stage


Directed by: Gjorgji Jolevski

Duration: 55’
Language: Macedonian

Cast: Gjorgji Jolevski

Author: Samuel Beckett
Producer: Gjorgji Jolevski
Playwright and English translation: Vladimir Jancevski
Set designer: Sergej Svetozarev
Costume designer: Ivana Karanfilovska – Ugurovska
Sound designer: Nenad Trpenoski
Light designer: Darko Mladenovski
Light operator: Igor Mitrevski
Poster designer and program catalog: Dimitar Dimitrov
Executive producer: Nikola Kimovski
Photographer: Kire Galevski
Prompter Tanja Ivanovska
Makeup: Branka Pljackovska
Sculptor: Angel Petrovski
Props: Snezana Grncarevska, Bobi Gelic

The play “Krapp’s Last Tape” speaks of a self-imposed, voluntary isolation in a time of general isolation, and the actor Jolevski approximates the different sub-texts through which this theatrical piece, created more than 60 years ago, speaks of our reality, what is happening here and now, or more precisely: now and everywhere in the world. The play has been created in the form of a musical symphony, in which the spoken word and the silence have been counterpointed. A play that needs to be seen, that also needs to be talked about, and that remains for a long time in our intimate and collective memory because it shows us the theatre in its bare essence – as an exceptionally powerful and emotional relationship between the actor and the audience.

Inspired by the voice of Patrick McGee, who reads excerpts from Beckett’s works on the BBC’s third program, this monodrama metaphorically connects life and the tape, which, no matter how loud, always ends in silence.

MNT, small stage