Jovano, Jovanke

  • stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Firstborn girl (MKD)

Author: Jovana Zajkova

Duration: 40’
Language: Macedonian

Performers: Jovana Zajkova, Boban Ruseski

Jovana Zajkova
Collaborator in the development of performance and choreography: Boban Ruseski
Music: Terrafolk
Voice: Angela Stojanovska
Photographer: Sonja Stavrova

This is a performance about Jovana, a creative non-fictional character; mix of thoughts and ideas. Instead of sharing them on social media using the newest filters and effects, Jovana decided to show them on the stage. So for all of you who are stuck without a battery on your phone, your fingers hurt from scrolling on the touch screen, or you simply want to take a sneak peek into someone’s intimacy without going online, this is the perfect event for you.
*Platform for performing arts of the Festival for Feminist Culture and Action FIRSTBORN GIRL – REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES.

The platform activities are related to the program of the Women for Women project #wowprogram and the project PeachPrich. The activities are intended to contribute to advancing public interest in gender issues and greater presence of women in the public sphere.

YCC, 25. May hall