It Won’t Be the End of the World

  • stage: MNT, small stage

Peripetija, MNT, SARTR (MKD, BiH)

Directed by: Nina Nikolic

Времетраење: 70’
Language: Macedonian and Bosnian
*The idea of the team of authors is that speakers of related languages do not only understand each other, but these languages can be used on stage equally. For that reason, this play does not have subtitles.

Author: Adnan Lugonic
Darja Rizova, Sasa Handzic, Dzana Dzanic

Costume Designer: Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska
Set Designer: Angel Petrovski
Music: Oliver Mitkovski (music adaptation), Dimitar Masevski (song “Magdalena”)
Language coach for Macedonian language: Gjorgji Jolevski
Stage Manager: Vukica Aleksandrova
Photography: Deni Ingilizovski
Poster Designer: Dimitar Dimitrov

During the creation of “It Won’t Be the End of the World”, we lived in an entirely different world, impregnated with problems which we had been inheriting for generations, and with which we were already used to living. Nowadays, we call that world normal, even though a very small part of it could be characterised as such. Following the change that has been unraveling during the past year and a half, on a macroscopic level, it is logical to consider our lives before it as normal. The empty phrase “the end of the world” has never been so widespread before.
This play deals with precisely that, the wrecking of those intimate worlds. All three characters carry under their skin the devastation of their own world. In other words, the world they had been imagining for themselves, they had been fighting for, they had been building or the world they thought was waiting for them, and they only needed to face it.

The text of the young author Adnan Lugonic, completely overwhelms you and without any additional effects, completely naked and completely essential, leads you through the characters of a family.

stage: MNT, small stage