• digital play

Wonderland Theatre (MKD)

Director: Nela Vitoshevic

Duration: 55’
Language: Macedonian with English subtitles

FB – Wonderland Theatre

Cast: Ivana Pavlakovic, Dragana Loshkova, Nikola Nastoski , Ismet Shabanovic

Video editing: Vasil Hristov
Ognen Anastasovski

“Illusions” is an experimental and visual performance, or a representation and landmark of the pandemic time. Notwithstanding, this play unveils the desire and the internal scream of the artist to create in a state of crisis, and to defy the time they are living in, which is unfavourable for art.

Using the theatrical approach, but in a virtual world, the team has created a piece opening the themes of love, infidelity, alienation of the people, as well as the emptiness and transience of life. These topics are undoubtedly current for any human being in these newly created circumstances. The story is delivered by four actors, playing a certain role, but also acting as narrators. The initial point in the process is found in debates about what would happen if the pandemic remains for a longer period of time?! What would the world be like?! How would we live in these newly created circumstances?! What could possibly happen to art, and what could happen to theatre?! As a result of this research this performance emerged in the digital space.

The first digital play in our country. The first performance during the quarantine, the first to be created in the “new normal”. The first to try and use the virtual space as a theater stage. Тhe play was at the “Lift-Off Sessions“ film festival, as well as the global virtual platform for culture –

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Digital play