History of motherfuckers

  • stage: YCC, Frosina hall

National Theatre Bitola (MKD)

Directed by: Andras Urban

Duration: 95’
Language: Macedonian


Author: William Shakespeare
Ivan Jercic, Sonja Mihajlova, Viktorija Stepanovska- Jankulovska, Sandra Gribovska, Nikola Projcevski

Musicians: Aleksandar Dimovski, Slavco Jovev
Set designer: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume designer: Blagoj Micevski
Composer: Irena Popovic
Sound technician: Nikolce Terzievski
Light technician: Goran Petrovski
Photographer: Ivona Kochov

A theatre play is not politics. Plays deal with the human condition and their societies. Plays are a struggle. A humane struggle. Nobody likes Coriolanus. Neither do they like Shakespeare’s play or the character. And he is real and honest. Secretly, we all agree with everything that he is saying. But one thing is for sure. He is not us. He says things about us that we cannot. If he were a diplomat, if he could and if he were willing to use the sweet, gentle lie, which remains to be a prerequisite for a democratic society, we would not talk about him. Lies are neither sweet nor gentle. Lies are bloody and ruthless. Whilst the truth and honesty are still the prerequisite for true art. Even when we lie, we go through the hell of honesty in order to turn a work of art into reality. At least in the frameworks of the art worth talking about…
Andras Urban – director

The people, the citizens are always just a character without the opportunity to answer. That vague notion of an abstract octopus never means a set of individuals. As if it is not the individual who fills in the ballot, as if it he’s not the one who puts it in the ballot box.

Not recommended for persons under 16 years of age

YCC, Frosina hall