Heroes 4:33

  • audience with physical presence

“J. Hadzi-Konstantinov Dzinot”, Veles (MKD)

Director: Dean Damjanovski

Duration: 13’ (per viewer)
Language: Macedonian


Cast: Zarko Spasovski, Isidor Jovanovski, Keti Borisovska, Vasil Zafircev

Writen by: Saso Dimoski
Set designer :
Filip Korunovski
Costume designer:
Elena Vangelovska
Video designer:
Danco Stefkov
Music Composer:
Sasko Kostov
Natioanal Theatre “Jordan Hadzi-Konstantinov Dzinot”, Veles

The project “Heroes 4:33” is an installation in its own right, which examines the relationship between presence and absence, through the use of distinct media channels, within three specific spaces, typical for the theatre as a medium. The viewers, appropriately protected, will be led as if through a museum, and will come face-to-face with our “exhibits”; the last survivors, the pioneers of the “new reality”. Real life represented in each of the spaces, resembles a kind of dystopian actuality, in which humanity deviates before its own tail end. The entire experience, made available to the viewer through the installation, is analogous to the seconds before the beginning of the performance, when the house lights go out, but the show has not started yet; when we feel the absence of reality around us, and the stage reality has not appeared yet. The space, costumes and music are all in service of experiencing the split second between the moments of presence and absence, lasting somewhat longer than 13 minutes.

Gallery theater installation, multimedia performance, premiering at МОТ. Three rooms, three installations, three stages. One viewer in each of the three. Each lasts 4:33, as long as John Cage’s composition titled 4′33″.

The number of visitors is limited to 20 people.

YCC, Skopje