Hat, chocolate, anus and something else

  • stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Golden Yelets, Spam Studios (MKD, BG)

Directed by: Ana Bateva

Duration: 85’
Language: Macedonian

Cast: Nadica Petrova, Boban Aleksoski, Dimitrina Mickoska, Grigor Jovanovski, Mia Kantardzieva, David Ilic

Author: Hanoch Levin
Translation: Ivan Kalosev, Ana Bateva
Stage version and direction: Ana Bateva
Music: Stefan Zdraveski

And so, the day came for man to realise that, for a long time now, life does not resemble a film.
On that day, man was forced to face reality, to embrace the lies about his life, and move on.
On that day man accepted all of his fears and faced death with a smile.
He then succumbed to instincts and started a new world altogether, with its own rules and principles.
It was then that the meaning got a new significance, and the will to live became a guiding principle.
And so, a group of artists climbed on stage with a song and sense of humor to oppose the absurd.

A mosaic of the works of the Israeli playwright Hanoh Levin, who carries his controversy and critical disposition throughout his life.

YCC, 25. May hall