“Doubling” – Iva Damjanovski

Promotion of the latest collection of poems by Iva Damjanovski

Promoter: Julijana Velichkovska
Reads: Gjoko Zdraveski

“Iva Damjanovski is one of those authors that you rejoice in when you read them. You are glad that someone so talented decided to write. She is a musician by education, so it is not surprising that her poetry is euphonic and full of rhymes and puns. She writes simply, in plain, everyday language, but she writes strictly and lucidly contemplates the reality he lives. That contemplative power is the most important talent out of the abundance of talents that Iva possesses. In the songs you can feel the disappointment of the physical reality, the chaos in the world, the anger in the powerlessness to change something in the world full of wars and obvious injustices, but you also feel the need to defy that chaos, if nothing else. , then at least with art. To tell the world: we are here and we see what is happening, we see what you are doing. And to spice it all up with subtle humor and sweet-sour irony and a smile hidden under his mustache.”
Gjoko Zdraveski

“Iva writes with surgical precision, and treats the text with military discipline. Every sound and every silence in her poetry is calculated, and the words are chosen as mosaic pebbles. Their every meaning and every ambiguity is intentional. Everything is arranged in the service of the idea and the message. The lyrical I oscillate like a crane: from me to you, from me to us, you, they … Her poetry is philosophical, and yet full of emotions. Her thought is clear, pure and focused. And Iva Damjanovski’s poetic eye has a rare superpower, she sees both sides of the coin at the same time.”
Julijana Velichkovska

Iva Damjanovski (1996) was born in Skopje. Graduated pianist at the Faculty of Music Arts at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius ”- Skopje.
He is the author of the collection of poems “They” (2017, Blesok), winner of the award “Igor Isakovski” for best debut manuscript and the second and supplemented edition of the eponymous collection of poems published in 2019. from PNV Publications. She is also the author of a scientific article and work in the field of music.
Her poetry has been translated into Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian. She is represented in the review “Manuscripts 40” (2017), as well as in the panorama “32 Macedonian poets. Voices of the New Century ”(2018, PNV Publications). She participated in “Astalni projection” and her poetry is represented in the monograph on this event (2019, Begemot), and she participated in many other poetry readings in Skopje. She is part of the organizational, directing and performing team of the series of concerts “No Hay Banda” and the concert projects “Monochrome” and “Monologues” performed in 2018.

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