Daily dose of masochism

  • stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Presvrt (MKD)

Ditected by: Luka Ibrahim Kortina

Duration: 105’
Language: Macedonian


Cast: Darko Ristovski, Tomislav Davidovski, Marjan Naumov, Janka Lefkova, Dimitrija Doksevski, Ava Huseini, Gjorgji Jolevski, Amernis Noksici

Author: Dina Vukelic
Producer: Petar Antevski
Production Assistant: Natalija Teodosieva
Set designer: Martin Manev
Costume design: Irina Toseva
Choreography: Natalija Teodosieva
Text translation: Gorjan Milosevski
Video recorder: Deni Stojanov
Video animations: Kiril Mancevski
Photographer: Stefan Damjanovski
Poster design: Petar Antevski

Researching the obsession as a genetic code based on which relationships between people are built and the obsession as a practice articulated in everyday society, the new theatrical endeavour of  Presvrt “Daily Dose of Masochism”, breaks down man’s emotional decay through the conflict that he finds himself in regular situations. Blinded by virtual ideals, people often find themselves on the crossroads between what is and what they want it to be, and the same thing is happening to Toma, whose inadequacy with the world stands out through his attraction towards the young “influencer” Sofia, who is in turn, struggling with a social mold imposed by her fans.

Theater is intimately connected to the essence of being human on this planet. The existence and return of the theater is equal to the existence and living of the human race. The image of us, the people, wondering whether we want to live or not.

YCC, 25. May hall