Cross štream: YÖU

Under the influence of DC’s “Revolution Summer”/Do It Yourself Ethics/French emo wave from 2000’s and the grayness of Skopje, YÖU was formed in October 2015.

Music expressed by emotionally infused gritty vocals, driving guitars and loud drums.

Inspired by personal struggles and experiences, they released their first album “We Sing The Blues…” in 2017.
After few tours around Europe, currently they are working on their new album that will be probably released in 2021.

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Dežurni krivci are a grunt rock band from the Prlekija region. Since their beginnings in 1996, they’ve released four studio albums and the Izštekani album with live recordings from the Izštekani show on Radio Val 202. They supported their releases with several music videos and numerous shows, gaining significant initial momentum with a gig at Novi Rock 2000. On their albums, the band adheres strictly to an underground garage rock drive, characterised both by a varied rhythm section and excellent guitar manipulation. The band also piles on a copious amount of excellent guitar riffs, going from old hard tricks and stoner overdrive to alternative, post-grunge and slightly noise approaches. Though the band’s sound resides within very raw and basic environments, the songs are very varied. They have just the right amount of basic rock ‘n’ roll vibration, garage independence and modern hard fatality. In addition, the band can showcase both raw rock and quite poetic aspects. And even in these calmer moments, Dežurni Krivci stick with a raw, sharp and uncompromising rock sound.


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