Cross Štream: RIB

21:00 Nina Bulatovix is a contact mine and cry of disaffection in one, it is blathering, gesticulating, rolling one’s eyes, a dusty drum machine; a violation in the field, a dividing line, the simplicity of a reverse pass; punk!; it is a bass and drums and vocals in one – far from uncontrolled spasms, it is rather chess with the black pieces. It is the answer to a certain striving, a certain friendship, a certain period in time, a certain way of thinking, a certain struggle, a certain life. It is whatever. For something. For someone. For us. Nina Bulatovix are announcing their third album Zob za zob with a new shot of musical rebellion.


22:00 Rib Initiated in Skopje in the summer of 2014.
The spontaneous songwriting process between Jane Trajkovski and Ivica Dimitrijevik, that summer of 2014, resulted in numerous songs.
They have 3 LP’s behind them, bunch of shows, a balkan tour with Fujiya & Miyagi, and are one of Macedonia’s finest bands at the moment.

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