Cross štream: My Tear

9pm         The Canyon Observer
10:15pm   My Tear
My Tear was created when the band Fonia simply changed its name. The reason was the band’s new sound that suddenly grew from punk rock to indie / new wave. My Tear is part of the Balkan Veliki scene, gathered around Studio 1060 in Western Skopje. In almost two years of existence, the band quickly came out of anonymity with the singles Ostavi me da bidam, Posledniot Dedo Mraz (along with Petar Mladenovski from Superhiks) and Lagi šareni, which also reached the top charts of popular radio stations in Macedonia. Ostavi me da bidam  was 3 weeks at the top of the chart of Antenna 5 and Radio Bubamara and has been named single of the year (2018) from the cult indie radio Kanal 103. My Tear members are current or former members of the Bernays Propaganda, XAXAXA and 21 vek. They have three official videos (directed by Gorjan Atanasov and Milan Blazevski), two EP releases, one album (also published on vinyl for Balkan Veliki and Corpus Delicti records) and a European tour.


The Canyon Observer. Their music has a lot of hidden groove and the heavily-obscured vocals make the lyrics entirely inaudible, stripping the voice of meaning and transforming it into another instrument in the wall of sound.


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