Cross Štream: Darkness remix

      9pm:   Pijammies
10:15pm:   Darkness Remix

Darkness remix is a different view on the classic play of Kole Čašule, placed in the context of an urban hip-hop album. Musical drama performance with extraordinary approach and specific acting, which through the original translation and the music of Zad agolot takes us into a new sublimate between the drama and the hip-hop subculture.


Jordan Simonov

Music and adaptation:

Darko Dimitrieski and Pavle Dimkovski (“Zad agolot”)

Performed by:

Stefan Vujisikj
Aleksandar Mihajlovski Honda
Vladimir Petrovikj
Goran Nikov
Nenad Angjelkovikj
Sanja Arsovska
Pavle Dimkovski

Pijammies are easily one of the sweetest discoveries in Slovenian music of the last couple of years. This freethinking, far-reaching and most of all utterly energetic music collective strives for stylistic openness and free expression. They play a blend of jazz, funk and fusion as much in the vein of the legendary Weather Report as their contemporaries Snarky Puppy. The band’s classical and jazz training is mirrored in their smooth compositions, fresh approach and notably their steadfast drive to explore. Captivated by their eclecticism and rhythmic tightness, you have no choice but to stare in awe or get down on the dancefloor.

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