CREATIVE DIARY – brainstorming

Hello children and parents,
We have a general challenge for all children who attend creative workshops at CCC (and others who want to get involved in the challenge), and that is running a CREATIVE DIARY on a daily basis. In addition, regularly, on days when we have classes, each group will get its own tasks as part of that class.

Creative diary is DAILY PLANNING and creating art in a notebook, with or without lines, large or as you have, but the most important thing is to use it daily. In it you can realize your ideas, thoughts, scribbles and sketches, daily inspirations, write and write what you want.

Here are some ideas on what a creative diary can contain (30 ideas for 30 days):
1. What do you miss most while at home?
2. A song or short story on a free topic;
3. Record how you maintain personal hygiene and hygiene in your home;
4. Free collage with self-adhesive paper, newspaper, photo, in basic colors: red, yellow and blue;
5. Characters from stories and cartoons – a drawing or a story about them;
6. Draw different games that will give us fun and enjoyable focus (try to create a game to your liking and idea);
7. Drawing by blowing in a straw;
8. Explore an artist and draw / reproduce some of his work;9. CASE – draw or make a jigsaw puzzle;
10. Drawing in optional technique and on a free theme;
11. Make a drawing of letters and sentences;
12. Write a travel story and draw where you are traveling;
13. Draw a tree with branches, wind, rain, spring landscape;
14. Topic: Music – write or draw your favorite musical instrument;
15. Printing – monotype: apply a layer of tempera paint on one side of the paper, and with the other paper press from above. Then you take out the paper and see what you got. Leave it to dry for a while.Have you worked potato stamps? Try, make some form of potato (star, square…), create a stamp, apply color and print on paper;
16. My favorite animal – a song, a story or a drawing;
17. Draw fireworks;
18. Draw or describe your sympathy;
19. Draw or describe your friends;
20. Draw what is INTERNET;
21. Draw a new greeting with your friends (without touching!);
22. Draw a graphic or linear drawing (line only);
23. Decorative drawing: draw your own costume and decorate it to your liking;
24. World of Applied Arts: different types of design of all items from your home and surroundings;
25. Architecture: draw the house or dream building;26. Spatial drawing – draw something you see from afar – close to: big – small, dark – light;
27. Impulsive drawing: the drawing should be guided by one’s own emotions and imagination, and the composition is built with free, expressive moves;
28. Write a story about yourself: who you are, what you want, what you don’t want, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what makes you happy and what makes you sad;
29. Interview! Interview homework on a topic and write down their answers. For example, what do they think about a particular job / problem, which are their favorite things, etc.;
30. Keep a diary! Write down a few sentences each day about what you did during the day.

We look forward to sharing your creative diary drawings, thoughts, ideas with us via inbox or via: &


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