Dino Imeri is already an established name on the local scene, which treats classical music. Relatively young, he is only 30 years old, and he is already considered one of the leading and top pianists, who can be regularly followed on the repertoire of the Macedonian Philharmonic, but also as a guest of renowned foreign houses. His hard work and dedication results in constant development, hence the healthy ambition to write his own music. In fact, through this edition of PMGJAZZ, we witness his transformation from a fantastic performer to an extremely potent composer. “Reflections” is his first published authorial work, which immediately captivates with its meek fluidity and smart beauty. Possibility of a short escape in weightlessness, without leaving the planet.

  • The event will be organized in accordance with the protocols for organizing events indoors. Please adhere to them. The number of visitors is reduced, wearing masks is mandatory during the whole event.
  • The entrance for the audience is at 7:30pm, the concert starts exactly at 8:00pm.

Hall Frosina