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Artopia (MKD)

Director: Biljana Radinoska

Duration: 75’
Language: Macedonian

FB – Artopia

Cast: Dusica Nastova, Kristina Lelovac, Simona Spirovska-Kostovska, Natasa Petrovic

Text and dramaturgy: Biljana Radinoska,  Verica Nedeska
Set designer and lighting design: Martin Manev
Audio and video processing:
Dusica Nastova
Camera and photography:
Marjan Petkovski
Poster design:
Voskresija Andreevska
Filip Nikolovski
Financial coordinator:
Radoslav Gogusevski
Organizers and technical support:
Bojan Kirkovski, Nenad Mitevski
Special thanks to:
Filip Petrovski, Nenad Tonkin, KOSY

Based on a true story, the play “Cocoon” is opening the space where complex liaisons between keeping silent and speaking, searching for the proper language, within the theatrical context, to speak of internal and external mechanisms of child sexual abuse. This play represents an emotional, distinctive landscape of a trauma. It is questioning the presentation of theatre in a collection of scenes, images and songs, stemming from the research process.

A new bold attempt to experiment with the theater group thats presents a symbol of free theatrical expression for more than 4 years. This is the search for a new one, with a strong desire to honestly convey their own emotion from the other side of the stage.

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YCC, Skopje