Children through Fine and Applied Arts

Every Thursday 17:30-19:00

Six-month course and workshops for children: maximum number of participants 15-20 children.

This concept of course and workshops for children will take place in several stages with the intention to communicate and create art, education and to present the fine arts intended for children aged 8-11 years.

First phase: March-April-May
Second phase: September-October-November
-once a week for one hour and thirty minutes at the Children’s Creative Center in YCC.

“Children through Fine and Applied Arts” intends to guide them through the history of art and educate them about artistic directions, their characteristics, artistic expression, acquaintances of artists and their works that have left a mark. The course and workshops will take place through the application of play, printing works, designing works of art and their perception, inspiration, creation, reproduction and discussion in order to get acquainted with the art and its features and work processes.

Methods of work: Artistic elements and principles; art tools techniques; graphics, linoleum, print; sculpture, modeling, molding, installation; ceramics, applied ceramics – creating cups, vases, plates, bottles, baking, glaze; sieve seal, stencil technique, t-shirt printing, bags; character design, creating a cartoon character; live model portrait, pastel technique; still life, temperament technique; reproduction – drawing and painting important artistic paintings of Macedonian and world artists; presenting Macedonian and world artists, getting to know their art, printing text from the media features.


Art directions: Beginnings – cave painting, Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greek Art, Roman Art, Ancient Art, Asia, African Art, Persian Art, Japanese Art, Middle Rapids Fauvism, Futurism, Supermatism, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Surrealism, Cubism, More Integrity, Abstract Art, Modern Art, Land Art, Pop Art, Optical Art, Minimal Art, Graffiti Art, Installation, Public Street Art, Digital Art, and art, and contemporary art.


Shadow Theater: Making dolls and toys; architecture – perspective, models; creative diaries – artistic book; graphic and industrial design; comics; concepts; poster; mural; clothing design; planetarium; physics experiment; visiting exhibitions and museums;


The course and workshops will be followed by an exhibition, discussion and presentation of the work done and knowledge, and what impression the art left on them by discussing the art through the eyes of the children expressed through videos.