CCC Drama Studio

The aim of these classes is to bring theatrical art closer to children through games and entertainment. Such a creative process will contribute to the social and emotional development of children, encourage creativity, release imagination, improve language skills, better expression, enrich personal vocabulary, improve self-confidence, control aggression, patience, cognitive and physical development.

Also, children will learn and directly participate in the process of preparing a theatre play, as well as certain concepts and professions in that area. Our drama studio strives and works to maintain the children’s creative imagination in every child, so that it dreams with wide open eyes, freely and fluently!

Preparing a theatrical performance: Learning a text, mise-en-scène, role-playing, music and light work, scenography, costume design, we work on speech and release with the game in front of an audience, self-confidence, but also confidence in the partner, and most importantly – team play.

The classes are held by graduate actors, Nina Maksimova, Deni Stojanov and Blagojcho Stojanov.

CCC Drama Studio (in Macedonian) operates every Saturday in three age groups:

– 2pm – 3:30pm – small group – 4-6 years.
– 3:30pm – 5pm – middle group – 7-9 years.
– 5pm – 6:30pm – large group – 9-14 years.