• stage: YCC, 25. May hall

Theater am Lend, Franz von Strolchen (AUT)

Directed by: Franz von Strolchen

Duration:: 80’
Language: German with Macedonian subtitles

Cast: Nina Ortner, Ivica Dimitrijevic

Concept, Director: Franz von Strolchen
Text: Christian Winkler
Dramaturgy: Gabor Thury
Set Design: Markus Boxler
Musical Cooperator: Jane Trajkovski
Assistant Director: Jakob Tschebull
Performance, Music: Ivica Dimitrijevic
Performance, Technics, Visuals: Nina Ortner
Produced: Franz von Strolchen
Co-Production: NewsOff-Styria Festival 2021 and Theater am Lend, Graz

James Cables back on Tour! After almost two years of forced absence from the stage, the Macedonian artist is putting on a show for his home crowd in Skopje and presenting his long-awaited new album.
Franz Strolchen’s new performance “CABLES” begins as a spectacular concert by James Cables and ends in philosophical reflection on cables, adapters and connections.  A Macedonian performer-musician encounters an Austrian technician on stage under unexpected circumstances – in a situation in which they both have to deal with cables in their very own ways.
The central theme of “cables” will be explored as a metaphor, in the most concrete and also in the most abstract sense.  Questions will be posed and contemplations will be made on how connections are made, about the mutual understanding, about Balkan stereotypes, but also about corruption, about broken cables and troubleshooting.

The Performance takes the audience on a surrealistic and surprising journey, in which the focus is set on the unpredictable human ability to set up rules and then to break them again.

25. May hall