As if the end were not quite near

  • stage: MNT

Bitef Theatre (SRB)

Directed by: Nikola Zavisic

Duration: 70’
Language: Serbian, Audio, no translation available

Video and VR: Filip Mikic
Composer: Anja Djorgjevic
Sound production: Mina Strugar
Assistant director and video production assistant: Jelena Piljic
Video assistant production: Sanjin Corovic
Digital steward: Ljubomir Radivojevic
Playscript translated by: Marija Stojanovic
Organization: Katarina Vojnovic
Sound: Miroljub Vladic, Jugoslav Hadzic
Photography: Andrija Kovac
Voices: Mina Strugar, Anja Djordjevic, Jelena Piljic, Katarina Vojnovic, Maja Pelevic
Voices in English: Mina Strugar, Anja Djordjevic, Tanja Strugar

An interactive guide through the virtual reality of (im) possible worlds
“As if the End Were not Quite Near” is a performance inspired by the subtle shifting of the world, relations and human interactions into the digital reality, an attempt to ponder on some new forms of cohabitation and unity between man and machine in the most intense of times that we have experienced to this date. An audience of five will have the chance to experience a virtual journey through potential new worlds within and around us. Through an interactive game of togetherness of the moment, which is established in the microstructure of a theatre act, by picking their vantage point, the audience is given an opportunity to be a performer, observer and participant all at the same time. By employing virtual reality, audiovisual installations and text, that is, a voice that invites to participation, this act becomes a call to at least a small, inconspicuous personal revolution.

Experimental performance of Bitef Theater, without actors. Audio-visual mosaic, provokes emotions in the viewer-performer which lead to a limbal, transient state, a space that ends in catharsis.

Not recommended for people with epilepsy