Art studio – CCC

Art classes and workshops for children aged 5 to 10 years old

The workshops are intended for children who want to draw / paint, research and stimulate creativity. The space allows children to get acquainted with the basic art materials, while nurturing creativity, curiosity and personal development in art.

Project effects:

– Improved communication for art, acquired visual social development, expanded perception of art and technology, operation of concepts, skills and art techniques.
– The goal is to obtain a wider field of information through various artistic contents, processes and concepts, to create artistic and artistic practice with contemporary artistic values.
– Acquiring education, creativity, knowledge, experiences, cooperation and building an art audience.
– The main goal is to promote the process of structural dialogue as an effective tool.
– Teaching children from an early age to accept, tolerate and respect diversity by bringing approaches and parenting styles closer together.

Every Saturday from 12pm to 2pm

The creative space is equipped with all the materials for the work of the studio. Children can participate in various art workshops throughout the year.

The classes are held by the artist Dorotej Neshovski.