Art is a Cupboard

  • stage: MNT

Mladinsko Theatre, AVGUS (SLO)

Directed by: Ivan Peternelj

Duration: 65’
Language: Slovenian with Macedonian subtitles

Cast: Daсa Doberсek, Janja Majzelj, Blaz Shef, Matija Vastl, Polona Janezic (At the harmonium), Gasper Tesner, Ivan Peternelj (Set designers at the stage)

Author: Daniil Harms
Translation: Drago Bajt
Text Selection: Ivan Peternelj
Dramaturgy: Jana Pavlic
Costume design: Slavica Janosevic
Language consultant: Mateja Dermelj
Lighting design: Matjaz Brisar
Make-up artist: Nathalie Horvat
Production management: Barbara Hribar
Stage manager: Gasper Tesner
Special thanks to: Drago Bajt and Primoz Cucnik (LUD Serpa)

The play “Art is a Cupboard” stems from the imaginary world of Harms, treating the avant-gardist as an ideal interlocutor in the conversation about the world that we are living in. That world, according to the words of the play’s author, reaches the dizzy heights of human stupidity, senselessness and ethical decay, thus it remains in constant struggle with apathy. But, Harms’ disjointed worldview is ready to turn it upside down. The absurd in his literature speaks of the “invisible and undetermined fear, threatening everyday life from the background, it speaks of existential danger, of the metaphysical horror”. But, that exact prism of the absurd, hiding the critical and comic within, gives us an opportunity to look at the face of it all.

Why Harms today? The global world is reaching the dizzying heights of human stupidity, nonsense and ethical decay. But the worst is the numbness that is becoming something perfectly ordinary and it seems inevitable.