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YCC Ticket office

bileti@mkc.mk / 071 305 695 Working hours: Tuesday – Saturday (1pm – 8pm)

The Youth cultural center was founded back in 1972 under the name “Youth Home – May 25”. The main task and purpose of the YCC is to promote the culture, cultural and scientific values of young people. With a rich program, encompassing all cultural expressions (music, film, theater, literature…), science, workshops and lectures, debates and debate clubs, from the very beginning the YCC has taken a strategic position in the lives of young people in the City of Skopje, but also all over the republic. Renamed at the beginning of the 90s, with the independence of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Center remains on the same course – promotion and presentation of cultural values, but at the same time the most important point of socializing, exchange of ideas, place for free expression of the youth. The sole purpose of YCC is to produce, stimulate and promote contemporary cultural events and works by various domestic and international creators, to encourage the creation of links between them as well. In addition to its own annual program, which includes more than 300 events (exhibitions, theater plays, promotions, workshops, concerts, debates, and film screenings), the YCC also works as a service to numerous NGO’s and individual artists in the field. In addition to individual events, the YCC is behind the organization, planning and full realization of three international festivals and events – the International theater festival MOT, the European film festival CINEDAYS, as well as the new music festival – ZDRAVO MLADI. Today YCC is a cultural institution under the jurisdiction of the City of Skopje and most of the programs are realized through the budget of City of Skopje, the Ministry of culture, but most of its program activities are realized by the institution through its own funds, private sponsorships, donations, and various European funds.