Active since 1996, Kultur Shock combines Balkan folk music with punk, metal and art rock. Its members hail from Bosnia, Bulgaria, and the United States. The band has issued as many as 11 albums and had performed over 1,500 shows throughout the United States and Europe. Kultur Shock was signed to Bill Gould’s KoolArrow record label from 2001 to 2006 and released three albums for the label: FUCC the INS, Kultura-Diktatura and We Came to Take Your Jobs Away. In 2006 the band formed its own label Kultur Shock Records and publishing company, Kultur Shock Music.

In 2011, the band had attended Motovun Film Festival along with Pips, Chips & Videoclips band and performer Nick Cave.

In 2014, Kultur Shock released IX their ninth album and sixth collaboration with engineer/producer Jack Endino.

The band defines itself as “a live band of blue-collar immigrants”.